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Children’s Inclusion Support

HELP us REACH our Fundraising Goal Amount: $5,000 – 10,000

Marketing and Communication Committee Fundraising Goal: To fundraise to purchase additional inclusive learning resources for all programs of additional resources in their programs to support the needs of children with exceptionalities.


Inclusive Practices (Powerpoint)

United Way Workplace Campaign
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  • Donation through payroll.
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Charlotte Birchard of Early Learning
Subject: Inclusive Resources

Charlotte Birchard Centres of Early Learning
Registered Charity #11925 2369 RR 0001

CBCEL would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed to our organization through United Way or other donation methods. Your donations were very much appreciated.

Charlotte Birchard Centres of Early Learning (CBCEL) is an inclusive learning environment. The focus for all programs is child-focused inquiry and play-based learning supported by responsive relationships.

CBCEL is focused on continuous professional development for our staff and have a renewed focus on mental health and inclusive early learning in the classroom. With the help of this training, Educators will continue to plan, create, implement, document, assess, and adapt the curriculum based on children’s growing interests and inquiries around the four foundations of learning: belonging, well-being, engagement, and expression 1 .

All children are unique, and we are committed to supporting all children and parents, so children can actively and meaningfully participate in all areas of the program. Each program’s environment (both indoors and outdoors) is intentional and unique. They evolve to reflect the emerging interests of the children. Our programs will continue to ensure children, with and without special needs, participate in the same routines and play experiences. We recognize children are distinct individuals with special strengths and needs. Children at all ages learn in all aspects of development through play: emotional, social, physical, and mental development.

1 How Does Learning Happen? - Premier of Ontario. .