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EXCITING NEWS about our Westboro Children's Centre outdoor playground

CBCEL Board of Directors and Management staff are pleased to inform you that during the July and August months we will be renovating the current outdoor playground. We are creating a natural playground that is full of exploration through gross motor and fine motor activities. Children will be able to engage in all sorts of natural play. There will be so many outdoor enhancement opportunities for children to explore and learn. Below are some of the outdoor play areas that the children will have fun playing in:

  • Inverted trees which will help children explore different methods of getting over and under the inverted tree using their gross motor skills
  • Zigzag Balance Beam which will help with children balance and use problem solving skills while walking on the zigzag balance beam. 
  • Messy Play, Mad Science equipped with weighing scales, music station and water bollard
  • Teaching Garden where children, educators and Chef George will be taking part in the gardening to harvest vegetables, herbs and fruits that will be incorporated in their healthy meals prepared on site

WCC Playground Concept Drawing (PDF)