Ottawa West Community News - Gold Award for Favourite Day Care Centre

Letter from Yasir Naqvi - Sept 25 2017

Greenboro Children's Centre was the obvious choice for our family after seeing the natural play yard. Our children love to run and this was the only centre with enough outdoor square footage to facilitate that.  The reasons we are staying at Greenboro after moving out of the neighbourhood: the recreational activities (yoga & music classes above and beyond regular programming), healthy food prepared onsite (breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack), and most importantly the warm and welcoming staff.  We feel so indebted to have individuals who are dedicated, loving and experienced in healthy child development, nurturing our kids when we can't be with them. We also loved discovering that Greenboro & Westboro Children Centres are a not for profit organization with all funds going right back into the centres.  Considering the exceptional quality of the program and that all funds go directly back to enhancing the childcare centre we are happy to pay for this amazing service.

GCC: Amanda G - Sept 2016 to present

The lead-up to daycare was easily the most anxiety provoking time in my 4.5 year parenting career. As soon as my husband and I walked into the Greenboro Children's Centre we felt the weight lift off of our shoulders. The incredible physical space, with lots of natural light inside, and a new outdoor natural playground, is only surpassed by the exceptional staff. The educators are caring and compassionate professionals who work so hard to help give your child the best start.  It is a place full of laughter and love, and when our son graduated this year, it was very hard to say farewell. His transition to kindergarten was seamless and I really attribute much of that to the incredible start he got at Greenboro. Any family that chooses to attend this Centre will be so happy they did.

GCC: -Jaime B - Oct 2015 to June 2017

Our daughter has attended the Westboro Children's Centre for more than two years, starting as a toddler and now as a senior preschooler. Every parent wishes to feel confident that they are dropping off their child to a safe, healthy and welcoming environment. The Westboro Children's Centre ticks all of those boxes and has exceeded our expectations.

All of the program spaces are bright with a lot of natural light. The playground is tree-covered and spacious - a perfect setting for the kids to spend hours exploring and playing.

The enriched programming and emphasis on play-based learning (ample time to play outside, music time, dramatic play, art, yoga, special days) -- has enabled our daughter to blossom.

We have been very impressed with the educators' warmth, patience, creativity, and positivity. They are attuned to our daughter's personality and interests, adjusting their approach when need be and finding creative solutions. We have been very pleased with the level of communication with the educators and staff.

The food offered to the children is healthy and diverse. Our daughter has come home raving about new foods that Chef George has prepared.

We highly recommend the Centre with no reservations.

WCC: Lynn & Ian W - June 2015 to Present

We will always be thankful to the Westboro Children's Centre for providing a wonderful early learning experience for our three boys.

We especially loved the kind and capable staff, stimulating classrooms, large and shady outdoor play area, and fun weekly activities like yoga and music circle.

We were very impressed when the centre demonstrated significant flexibility and willingness to work with children of all abilities.

And best of all, the chef and meal plan were simply outstanding. It was very comforting to know our boys were eating so well.

GCC: Steven & Jitka T - Nov 2014 to Sept 2017

I am so grateful for my families experience at the Westboro Children's Centre and their commitment to providing high-quality, child-centered care in our community. Benjamin cried the first day I dropped him off at Westboro Children's Centre.  Three years later, he cried on his last day because he didn't want to leave.  The Westboro Children's Centre is a magical place: lovely outdoor space, yummy fusion food, and creative play-based learning.  But, what makes it so special to our family, is its warm, professional educators and its sense of community.  Thank you so much to all the staff and educators for their support over the years. 

WCC: Caroline T - Sept 2014 to Aug 2017

The Westboro Children's Centre was Jacob's second home from ages 21 months old until age 10. He grew up at the WCC and developed his closest childhood friendships here. The educators and staff were always caring and attentive. There was always learning and fun to be had during his time here. Our memories of Jacob's time at the Westboro Children's Centre remain special.

WCC: Donna N-M - June 2008 to Dec 2016

Our children attended the Greenboro Children's Centre between 2008 and 2016. The caring and professional staff, child-focused space, nutritional food, proximity to home and great early learning and care program were the main reasons we chose it. We had peace of mind having them spend their days in an enriching and loving environment where they each made friends. We have been recommending it to friends and neighbours for years without reservation. The educators, management, office and support staff were truly amazing and will always have a special place in our memories.

GCC: Chantal B - 2008 to 2016

Our son Jean-Luc absolutely thrived at the Westboro Children's Centre from age 3 through the after school programs at age 10. Eight years of child centered quality programs in a quality indoor and outdoor setting guided by professional educators and staff who really, really care. Good food, good play, good learning, good development and good friendships that continue. 

GCC: Yvonne D & Francois M - 2002 to 2009