Mission and Vision

Working together to give all children the same quality, the same chance

To deliver high quality, developmentally appropriate early learning and care opportunities for children and their families with a commitment to inclusion; meeting the diverse developmental needs of all children. With the support of our community partners we strive to include all children and remove barriers that prevent children from actively participating.

Programs are:

  • delivered by Registered Early Childhood Educators
  • child-centred, and
  • encourage every child to fulfill his or her potential

Our environments promote valuable early learning opportunities and experiences for young children. The learning environments are designed with the holistic learning needs of children in mind.

Our programs offer a rich learning environment where children acquire knowledge through activity, independent discovery, and exploration. Flexibility and a continuous interplay between child and educator draw out the child's natural curiosity and innate motivation to learn.

Each program provides the stimulation and nurturing essential to healthy development.

The knowledge, skill and contribution of the staff, maintained through support for continuing professional development, are essential to the Centres' high quality of program delivery.

Providing support to individual families as they balance their many responsibilities, the Charlotte Birchard Centres of Early Learning share the responsibility with both families and the community for the care and development of young children.